Société Psychanalytique de Paris

Sarah Nettleton – Unconscious Communication and Analytic Listening

Date and time
Sat, October 2, 2021
4:50 PM – 7:00 PM CEST

The unique relationship between the free-associating patient and the analyst in a state of evenly-hovering attention allows the analyst, as Freud puts it, ‘to catch the drift of the patient’s Ucs with his own Ucs’. This deceptively simple phrase invites numerous questions. How do we understand the nature of unconscious communication? How do we view the balance between conscious and unconscious thinking in both patient and analyst, and how might this affect our approach to clinical technique? What do Freud’s words imply about analytic listening, and what is the effect on the patient of being listened to in this way? This paper will focus on the primacy of unconscious communication in the session and will explore the frame of mind in the analyst that best facilitates contact with the complexity of unconscious thinking.

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